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Global server rules

To activate on our servers, enter '/ accept' in the chat and you will be activated. By doing so, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the rules. In addition, you confirm by '/ accept' that you have read our terms of use and the privacy policy and you agree to them . We don't set the rules to annoy you. This should only guarantee the same conditions for every player.

The rules can change at any time. Please always keep your knowledge up to date.

General rules of good conduct apply to all MyFTB servers. Those who disregard these, have not reached spiritual age or do not deal with fellow human beings sensibly can be banished. Behavior that is considered disruptive or dangerous by the team can also lead to a ban.

  • The instructions of the MyFTB team must be followed.
  • Griefing is prohibited on all modpacks - this includes all worlds, items and inventories.
    • Public versions of securable blocks such as Enderchests may be used. However, automatic emptying of these is prohibited.
  • Bugusing/Exploiting is not permitted.
    • Bugs and errors from our server or the respective modpack are to be reported to the team in a private message in the forum or via TeamSpeak.
    • Modifications of the client that give you an unfair advantage are prohibited.
  • Items will never be refunded.
  • Third-party advertising, explicitly for your own server, and enticing team members is prohibited.
  • Trading real money and other external services is prohibited.
  • Offensive, provocative, offensive or Nazi skins / avatars are not permitted.
  • Likewise, insulting, provocative, offensive or National Socialist - player names are prohibited.
  • Anti-AFK machines are prohibited.
  • PvP and player traps are prohibited on all servers, unless agreed.
  • Loading chunks with items that are not intended for this is prohibited. (Quarrys / etc.)
  • The abuse of team contact functions such as lobby support or the / report command is prohibited.
  • Multi accounts are generally allowed. However, it is forbidden to provide advantages (e.g. circumventing a ban).

In order to ensure a careful and respectful cooperation, the following applies:

  • Avoid racist, right, left and religion related symbols or expressions.
  • Avoid direct and indirect insults.
  • Avoid offensive / sexual comments.
  • Any begging of items is not permitted.
  • Homes / Linking Books / etc. may not be set or created in foreign worlds without the owner's permission.
  • World spawns from public worlds must not be damaged, so that the safety of other players can be guaranteed. There is an area of 32 blocks to keep the spawn intact.
  • Excessive pushing and excessive giving away of items is prohibited.

In order to keep the chat neat and clear, both the rules of conduct mentioned above and the following points apply:

  • Players of all ages play on the MyFTB servers, which is why an appropriate way of dealing with each other is essential.
  • The chat language is limited to German and English.
  • Spam is not allowed in any way.
  • The excessive use of punctuation marks, e.g. "!" and "?" is not to be used.
  • The correct use of the individual channels is mandatory.

So that your world does not overload the server and the gaming fun suffers:

  • Loops with conduits (items, liquids, energy or other) must be avoided. There are often ways to separate them even though they are placed side by side.
  • Excessive accumulation of entities (items, experience points, monsters or other) should be avoided. So take care of automatic devices to prevent them.
  • If it is possible due to its size, multi-blocks should not be built across chunk boundaries. If it cannot be avoided, all containing chunks should be loaded with a chunk loader (the chunks can be displayed with F9 or F3 + G).
  • Minecraft hoppers can represent a heavy server load in excessive numbers. So please avoid large numbers of these.
  • Avoid causing many flowing blocks (water, lava, etc.); if necessary, these can be removed by a moderator.
  • Worlds will be deleted after an offline period of one month (for VIPs two months, only on the VIP servers) without logging off in our form .

To be fully informed about your server, you should look at the information in the server overview .

Last modified on June 20, 2020

Serverspezifische Informationen

The Skyfacory 4 Server are managed by the Adventure Team

Öffentliche Welten

Public worlds include the spawn, the farm world, the end, the nether, the twilight forest, the last lost dimension, the hunting dimension and the compact machines..

  • All public worlds are reset every Friday at 6 p.m. (CET).
  • The compact machines will not reset, but only 5 are allowed per world.


A brief overview to prevent most common lag sources.

  • Do not put hopping bonsai pots directly on item ducts
  • Don't put hopping bonsai pots on full chests
  • Everything a hopping bonsai pot produces must be stored
  • If possible, use hardly any Packager
  • Do not use too many import and export buses and use interfaces if possible

Banned items

List of currently banned items.

  • Auto Chisel [Client-Crash]
  • Backpack (ComPatchedStorage) [Dupe-Bug]
  • Book Binder [Server Crash]
  • Containment Chalice[Server-Crash]
  • Empowered Parabox [Prestigemode]
  • Heavy Duty Matter Transport Pipe [Server-Crash]
  • Item Transfer Node [Dupe-Bug]
  • Item Sorter [Dupe-Bug]
  • Matter Analyzer [Server-Crash]
  • Matter Network Cable [Server-Crash]
  • Matter Network Router [Server-Crash]
  • Matter Network Switch [Server-Crash]
  • Matter Recycler [Server-Crash]
  • Matter Replicator [Server-Crash]
  • Matter Transport Pipe [Server-Crash]
  • Parabox [Prestigemode]
  • Pattern Drive [Server-Crash]
  • Pattern Monitor [Server-Crash]
  • Pattern Storage [Server-Crash]
  • Storage Network Master [Server-Lags]
  • Storage Request Table [Server-Lags]
  • Telepastrie (Ersatz: Warps) [Verbuggt]
  • Uncrafting Grinder [Dupe-Bug]
  • Watch of Flowing Time [Server-Lags]
  • Weirding Gadget [Dauerhaftes Laden von Welten]

Unterstütze uns

Everyone can play on MyFTB for free, but to keep our servers alive and to improve the gaming experience, we need your support. Every single cent is spent directly for the server!

In our shop you can buy VIP, extrakits and a premium server. However you can also get VIP with 1500 hours of playtime and an extrakit with 30 days of continuous voting.

VIP benefits

  • Permission to join VIP servers on which you have the following additional benefits:
    • No inventory loss
    • 20 home points
    • join full servers
    • Teleport back to your death point with /back
    • Longer time until your world gets deleted because of inactivity (2 months)
    • VIP kit (The kits are listed below)
  • You can move your world and playerdata to a VIP server automatically here
  • VIP rank on our Teamspeak server
  • VIP rank on our Discord server

Premium server

  • Server with at most 15 players (not 15 slots)
  • Infinity, Direwolf and Life in the Woods are currently available
  • More modpacks are possible with 5 players after a demand at an administrator

VIP kits

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the listed kits, however we strive to keep them correct. If there are any mistakes, please report them to a team member




In diesem Kit findest du alle der folgenden Items:

Astral Sorcery

  • 1 x Impulsion Wand

Bonsai Trees

  • 16 x Hopping Bonsai Pot

Construct’s Armory

  • 1 x Cobald Boots
  • 1 x Copper Helmet
  • 1 x Iron Legs
  • 1 x Wooden Chestplate

Ender Utilities

  • 1 x Handy Bag
  • 1 x Memory Card (items) 6 B

Mekanism: Generators

  • 1 x Advanced Solar Generator


  • 1 x Bed


  • 1 x Erweiterter Chunkloader

Pickle Tweaks

  • 1 x Steel Paxel

Real Filing Cabinet

  • 2 x Filing Cabinet
  • 16 x Filing Folder

Thermal Dynamics

  • 12 x Leadstone Fluxduct

XL Food Mod

  • 2 x Adventure Drink
  • 32 x Caeser Salad


Einmalig einlösbar mit /extrakit. Jeder Spieler, der beim Einlösen online ist, erhält ebenfalls das Kit. Dein Inventar sollte frei sein!


In diesem Kit findest du alle der folgenden Items:

Applied Energistics 2

  • 2 x 64K Storage Component
  • 1 x Dense Energy Cell
  • 1 x ME Drive
  • 2 x ME Storage Housing

Bonsai Trees

  • 8 x Hopping Bonsai Pot


  • 1 x Heart Container


  • 2 x Ender Chest

Ender Utilities

  • 1 x Memory Card (items) 12 B

Iron Jetpacks

  • 1 x Platinum Jetpack


  • 1 x Chunkloader


  • 1 x Elite Solar Panel
  • 1 x Infinite Water Source

Thermal Dynamics

  • 16 x Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct

Tiny Progressions

  • 1 x Party Pickaxe

XL Food Mod

  • 2 x Adventure Drink
  • 16 x Taco


Sobald du 30 Tage in Folge gevotet hast, bekommst du eine Info im Chat. Dein Inventar sollte frei sein!


In diesem Kit findest du alle der folgenden Items:

Applied Energistics 2

  • 1 x Energy Acceptor
  • 1 x ME Drive
  • 8 x ME Glass Cable - Fluix
  • 1 x ME Terminal

Culinary Construct

  • 4 x Quintuple Nether Star Sandwich


  • 5 x Heart Container

Ender Utilities

  • 1 x Handy Bag
  • 1 x Memory Card (items) 8 B

Extra Cells

  • 1 x 1024k ME Storage Component
  • 1 x Advanced Storage Housing


  • 1 x Gravitational Anomaly


  • 1 x Advanced Energy Cube


  • 1 x Erweiterter Chunkloader


  • 1 x Californium RTG
  • 1 x Dense Infinite Water Source

Thermal Dynamics

  • 32 x Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct

XL Food Mod

  • 32 x Kebab

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