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Global server rules

The following text contains a word which doesn’t fit in its context. When you have found it, type ‘/accept word’ into the chat and you will become unlocked and be able to play on our server. With your activation you will verify, that you have read, understood and accepted our server rules. You must not tell the word to anybody. We did not create these rules to annoy you, but with them we guarantee equal conditions for everybody in the MyFTB network.

There rules may change any time. Please keep your knowledge always up to date!

General decency rules apply to all servers of the MyFTB network! Whoever despises these rules could be banned from the network. The same applies to people which did not have reached the mental age or cannot deal fairly with fellows. Interfering or imperilling behaviour is also a reason for a ban.

  • You have to follow the orders of the MyFTB team.
  • Griefing is forbidden – this applies to every world, items and inventories.
  • Bugusing/Exploiting is not allowed.
  • Bugs and errors of the server or the modpack must be reported to the respective team either as private message in our forum or via our teamspeak3 server.
  • There is no item-recovery.
  • Advertisements for other servers are forbidden.
  • Abusive, provocative, offensive or nationalsocialistic skins/avatars are not allowed.
  • The same holds true for usernames.
  • Anti-AFK-machines are strongly forbidden and if one is found, your ontime as well as the ontime of every other member in your world will be reset.
  • PvP is, without agreement, on every Modpack not allowed.
  • The loading of chunks with items which are not designated for this task is forbidden. (Quarries, etc.)

To ensure a cautious and respectful togetherness we have the following regulations:

  • No racist, right-, left radical and religious symbols.
  • No direct or indirect insults.
  • No offensive and/or sexual aspersions.
  • No begging for t4r0fmbf items.
  • No homes, linking books, etc. in other worlds without the permission of its owner.

To keep the chat orderly and open:

  • The upper called rules also apply to the chat.
  • There are also younger players on the MyFTB server, wherefore you have to mind your choice of words.
  • The main language in chat is German. Other languages are not allowed. English will be tolerated conditionally.
  • You must not spam in chat.
  • You are not allowed to use unnecessary amounts of punctuation characters. (Like ‘!’ and ‘?’)
  • You have to use the individual channels in chat correctly.

The chat rules also apply to the MyFTB teamspeak³-server!

To get the complete information about your server you should see the advices on our server overview

Serverspezifische Informationen

  • Pumps and quarries should be placed so that they do not overlap with others
  • Quarries with Void / WorldHole upgrade or similar are only allowed up to a size of 64x64 blocks
  • Spawn areas (e.g., of public worlds) may not be destroyed / altered within a radius of approximately 16 blocks; this includes any dismantling / setting of blocks, items, etc.
  • Buildings should be distributed to several chunks (chunks can be displayed with F9)
  • The Twilight Forest may only be entered when a maximum of five players are online; Failure to comply with this rule may result in exclusion from the Twilight, as well as a ban!
  • Excessive pushing, especially at Thaumcraft Researches, as well as excessive gift giving is prohibited.
  • Using the Enchantment FlimFlam is generally not allowed.
  • Mystcraft worlds are recreated and deleted only once a month.
Lag prevention
  • Item / liquid and energy loops (endless loops) should be avoided
  • Vanilla hoppers should be avoided (alternatively use itemducts, vacuum hoppers, etc.)
  • Buildcraft machines should be used with caution as they can cause strong lags, even if they are only inactive in the world.
  • Mob and animal farms must be automated and switched off, so that they do not accumulate in it (allowed are up to 16 mobs / animals per chunk)
  • It is important to ensure that there are not too many items lying around on the ground (for example, due to insufficiently automated tree farms)
  • causing many flowing blocks (water, lava, etc.) should be avoided; if necessary, this can be removed by a moderator
  • Tanks from OpenBlocks should be avoided
  • Multiblock structures should be built in a chunk!
Gebannte Items
  • Bookbinder (VIP)
  • Buildcraft Quarry (Ersatz: Ender-Quarry)
  • Chunkloader (Ersatz: Personal Anchor)
  • Dimensional Enscriber (Ersatz: Mystcraft Welten)
  • Empty Dimension Tab (Ersatz: Mystcraft Welten)
  • Fancy Workbench (Dupe-Bug)
  • Imbued Fire (sorgt für Servercrash)
  • Machinist’s Workbench (Dupe-Bug)
  • Nuke (sorgt für Servercrash)
  • Slotted Book (Dupe-Bug)
  • Tome of Knowledge Sharing
  • Uncrafting Table(Deaktiviert)
  • XP-Shower (Dupe-Bug)
  • Redstone Emitter (Servercrash)
  • Frame Pusher/Puller (Servercrash)
  • Filing Cabinet (Dupe-Bug)
  • Electronic Library (Dupe-Bug)

Unterstütze uns

Everyone can play on MyFTB for free, but to keep our servers alive and to improve the gaming experience, we need your support. Every single cent is spent directly for the server!

In our shop you can buy VIP, extrakits and a premium server. However you can also get VIP with 1500 hours of playtime and an extrakit with 30 days of continuous voting.

VIP benefits

  • Permission to join VIP servers on which you have the following additional benefits:
    • No inventory loss (except on Trident)
    • 20 home points
    • Teleport back to your death point with /back
    • Longer time until your world gets deleted because of inactivity (2 months)
    • VIP kit (The kits are listed below)
    • You can find a list off all available VIP servers here
  • You can move your world and playerdata to a VIP server automatically here
  • VIP rank on our Teamspeak server
  • VIP rank on our Discord server

Premium server

  • Server with at most 15 players (not 15 slots)
  • Infinity, Direwolf and Life in the Woods are currently available
  • More modpacks are possible with 5 players after a demand at an administrator

VIP kits

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the listed kits, however we strive to keep them correct. If there are any mistakes, please report them to a team member


  • 1x Angel Ring
  • 2x Diamond
  • 2x Ender Chest
  • 4x Ender Marker
  • 16 Ender Pearls
  • 1x Ender Quarry
  • 2x Ender Tank
  • 1x Ender-Thermic Pump
  • 1x Golden Bag of Holding
  • 1x Healer
  • 64x Mystcraft Crystal
  • 1x Portal to The Deep Dark
  • 1x Survivalist Generator x64
  • 1x World Anchor
Extra Kit
  • 1x 64k Storage Cell
  • 32x Steak
  • 1x Healer
  • 1x Vibrant Capacitor Bank
  • 2x Survivalist Generator x64
Vote Kit
  • 16x Enderpearlen
  • 2x Magnum Torch
  • 1x Healer
  • 1x Gelid Cryotheum Drum
  • 16x Cookies
  • 4x Vibrant Capacitor Bank
  • 1x World Anchor
  • 2x Bedrockium Drum
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